June 2015 Newsletter

Welcome Back, hope you enjoyed your half term break and got up to lots of fun things. We have lots planned for June for the children. Kay has brought in some eggs and an incubator – so we should be seeing some chicks hatch very soon. The children will be able to name them and hopefully handle them too. We have our popular monthly event – music monsters & Leigh Hibbs will be taking photos.

The children will be going all around the world on their holiday soon. So we will be having travel agents, airports, food tasting, beaches at pre-school…… so if anyone can spare (loan) us suitcases, bags, travel magazines, a paddling pool (hopefully the weather will improve) and any foreign items for our interest table that would be great.

Sports Day (19th June 2015)

We are aiming to partake in Earl Danby school Sports day which will be at upper school. Your children are more than welcome to be part of the preschool race. If your child is not booked in for this session, you can either book them in as an extra session or you can join staff with your child for the race.

End of Term Trip

Butterfly World – 29th June 2015

Please can you have all your replies back by 5th June 2015, letting us know whether you would like your child to attend & also if you can be a parent helper.


• Russian Dolls (for Maths Table)

• Scales (Any Type)

• Measuring Tapes

• Wicker Baskets (any size)

• Natural Resources – pebbles, shells, cones etc.

• Recycling for junk modelling (no meat trays please)

• Corks

• Salt