June 2015 Newsletter

Welcome Back, hope you enjoyed your half term break and got up to lots of fun things. We have lots planned for June for the children. Kay has brought in some eggs and an incubator – so we should be seeing some chicks hatch very soon. The children will be able to name them and hopefully handle them too. We have our popular monthly event – music monsters & Leigh Hibbs will be taking photos.

The children will be going all around the world on their holiday soon. So we will be having travel agents, airports, food tasting, beaches at pre-school…… so if anyone can spare (loan) us suitcases, bags, travel magazines, a paddling pool (hopefully the weather will improve) and any foreign items for our interest table that would be great.

Sports Day (19th June 2015)

We are aiming to partake in Earl Danby school Sports day which will be at upper school. Your children are more than welcome to be part of the preschool race. If your child is not booked in for this session, you can either book them in as an extra session or you can join staff with your child for the race.

End of Term Trip

Butterfly World – 29th June 2015

Please can you have all your replies back by 5th June 2015, letting us know whether you would like your child to attend & also if you can be a parent helper.


• Russian Dolls (for Maths Table)

• Scales (Any Type)

• Measuring Tapes

• Wicker Baskets (any size)

• Natural Resources – pebbles, shells, cones etc.

• Recycling for junk modelling (no meat trays please)

• Corks

• Salt


November / December 2014 Newsletter

Well the festive season is quickly approaching and I for one need to get my children’s gifts purchased ready for Santa!

It is a magical time for our young children – the thought of gifts around the tree, sparkling lights but most of all a happy fun time for all, we have lots of activities ready for all our children and even more glitter – as sometimes the Christmas fairies visit and sprinkle their magical fairy dust around us all. The children may even hear Santa’s sleigh bells as the elves make special magical stops around Brinkworth.

Christmas Nativity

We will be celebrating the festive season with the pre-school children taking part in a Christmas Nativity. We are planning for the event to be on Monday 15th December 2014. Even if your child does not attend for this session – we would love them to be part of the event (could you let me know please so we can prepare parts).

We are planning on serving Coffee & Mince pies too in the kitchen area.

Parent support gratefully received too!

Christmas event

We are planning for a company to visit us where they will bring in small animals relevant to the winter months. We will keep you informed as to availability.

Parent Rota

As a charity village setting we value any support from parents – please see us if you wish to help, we need help with reading to the children, tidying resources, assisting at snack time, washing dishes etc. If you can offer any additional support eg. can you play an instrument, do you have a hobby we can share?

Where’s My Teddy?

We are introducing a story and teddy into the setting enabling children the chance to take the teddy home along with a story and a photo-story book. Teddy will be able to enjoy a weekend break with that child, photos of Teddy can be taken of his adventures and you can help write about his time with you too. Teddy has already been to my house and met Ralph the Cockapoo.

You will be able to put your child’s name down on the Teddy Take Me Home list – then return him after the weekend at your child’s next session.

It will be lovely to see what Teddy has been up to – we can take about the adventures at circle time.

Word of the Week

We are introducing a Word of the Week – enabling children to enrich their learning through speech. Already we have one child understanding the word “Delicious” and what it means. Every week staff will use a particular word eg. fantastic, superb, wonderful, beautiful – putting them into sentences and encouraging children to follow on with the sentences.

Parents Morning

Your child’s next steps will be shown during January. Staff are busy getting summative assessments ready. We would welcome the chance to show your child’s learning journey as well as discuss in partnership their next steps. We will send out a day and time availability shortly.


We are currently sourcing a new supplier for uniforms – We will keep you updated to availability. Please remember we do keep a supply of “well loved” uniform for 50p per item.  You will also be able to purchase book bags too with our logo on, and take part in our reading scheme.

Book Start

Your child will be coming home with their Book Start bags this week.

Christmas cards

Your children’s card design has been sent the art company for printing.


We are enhancing our environment for our outside play area. We are looking for these donations if possible:

  •  Dolly Pegs (the old fashioned pegs) where the children will be able to hang washing on a line
  • Brooms
  • Dustpans & brushes
  • Saucepans & wooden spoons
  • Washing baskets
  • Buckets

Wednesday 17th December 2014 – Christmas party

We are planning to hold a little party for the children – party food, music, crafts and of course party clothes. If your child is not booked in on this day please see me so I can put you down for the session (normal fees apply).

Last day of term

Our Last day of term is Thursday 18th December 2014. We return to Pre-School on Monday 5th January 2015.

It leaves me to wish you a very happy, peaceful, fun-packed festive season; we hope to you will support the pre-school at the Extravaganza – Saturday 6th December 2014 in the village hall where you will be able to meet Father Christmas (and his chief Elf) plus lots of crafts and stalls to enjoy for the whole family. For further details please see our committee.

A Thank You note from our lovely parent!

Hello from all at Butterflies Pre-School.

This week the children have been making their own Diva Lamps to celebrate the festival of light. The children have also made their own Christmas cards using their hands and fingers. We will be reading and discussing our latest book Elmer at story time; the children will be able to paint patchwork squares to decorate our own Elmer too. Registration time has seen our children recall numbers and days of the week whilst enjoying our Hello song.

So what makes Butterflies such a welcoming village setting?  Here’s part of a thank you letter from a new parent …“I love that you have recognised the individuality of the children and their needs”…… “I know that she is in safe capable, knowledgeable , friendly and even motherly hands while at Butterflies and she will find it an easier transition to school in September because of her positive experience with you”.

Enjoy the festive period.

October 2014 Newsletter

Where has this term gone!? The children have settled so well into a regular pre-school routine, learning about sharing, taking turns, feelings whilst also enjoying fun packed harvest activities.

During registration we welcome in our children with our “Hello” song, we look at numbers and recognition whilst also understanding shapes.

We have received a thank you card from Messy Church – for all your kind donations at Harvest time, where several children were able to present the food to the church – thank you to all that donated.

Your child has a key person to care for your child’s development; we have worked in giving your child 3 next steps (under 3 will have 2 next steps). Next steps (or Targets) are now displayed on our planning board – as well as inside your child’s learning journey. As a setting our aim is to provide a learning environment that works towards each child’s targets – and where their style of learning is fulfilled.

We welcome our new families too into the Butterflies family – thank you for choosing our pre-school I’m sure your child’s time with us will be full of fun & enjoyment.

Halloween Party – Tuesday 21st October 2014 9am-10.30am

We will be holding a little party for pre-schoolers where staff will be putting on various craft activities, games as well as a ghoulish themed snack!

The session is open to ALL pre-schoolers – if your child is not booked in for this session please see Nicole or Michelle where we can add your child to the session. (Normal hour & half rate applies)

Fancy dress optional!!


We welcome our new committee members on board – if you’ve not had chance to meet them – Wendy our Chair will be displaying photos of the fab new team.

A huge thank you too for our out-going team who have done a wonderful job, especially in supporting Nicole during her “early days” – thank you.

Parent Helper

We welcome your support as parent – there are so many jobs during the day that will support staff – please see the rota list.


Invoices have been sent out this week – if you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to either see Nicole or our Fees Secretary.

Thrift uniform

We have a small selection of well-loved uniform for sale at 50p per item – let us know if you would like anything.

Ad-hoc sessions

We have spaces available for ad-hoc sessions (especially with Christmas approaching!) If you would like to book out a session please see a member of staff.

Rag Bag Donations

Our first bag of donations was shipped to Rag Bag last week – We’ll keep you posted as to the amount we receive …..

……So what next on our list !

  • Book bags to be given to children – to aid “reading” time
  • Eddie Teddy will be sent home weekly with children
  • A farm trip
  • New logo uniform

Reminders please:

  • Jumpers for cold weather
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Wellington boots for outside
  • Rag bag donations
  • Any outstanding fees please – marked for the attention of Laura

Our last day is Wednesday 22nd October and we return back to preschool Wednesday 3rd November 2014.

…….. Finally, mornings are a busy time for the setting and our children, if you do need to see any member of staff, could we ask that we meet at the end of the session where we can spend time helping with queries – thank you for your understanding.